Sanden’s tagline is ‘delivering excellence’, and they mean it. Their focus on both quality and environmental sustainability is what has led them to become leading innovators. Just some of the many products they have successfully brought to market include mechanical and electrical compressors. Saden grew from a dynamo bicycle lamps manufacturer that was established in 1943. Known initially as Sankyo Electric Company, it evolved into home electric appliance manufacturers in 1950 before branching out into the automotive sector in the 70s. It was at this point they rebranded into Sanden. Today, Sanden has a worldwide presence and is considered to be a significant player in the automotive a/c compressor sector. Sanden’s a/c compressor range covers light passenger vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, as well as off-highway equipment.

Sanden’s commitment to quality is one of the reasons we are proud to supply their automotive compressors at extremely competitive prices. You are guaranteed a fantastic experience when you shop with us.

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