TRW is part of ZF Aftermarket, a global leader that supplies systems for all manner of automotive vehicles and industrial technology. ZF has made a number of key acquisitions throughout its history that brings their annual turnover to $40bn. TRW are known for their exceptional quality steering and suspension parts for commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and more. They’ve been pushed to the limit in testing, ensuring longevity. Over 162,000 employees across 260 locations in over 40 countries, ZF have committed hundreds of millions to research and development across the group that have led to tens of thousands of internationally recognised patents epitomising their technological advances over the years.

In line with our guarantee to supply products from well-known, trusted and reliable brands, we are proud to supply TRW products, one of the many ZF Aftermarket brands.

We supply a wide range of competitively priced TRW products including:

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