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Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts

There are more than 17,000,000 commercial vehicles manufactured across the globe annually, and 44% of those rolling off production lines in Europe and America alone. Commercial vehicles account for approximately 1 in 9 vehicles on the roads globally; with the vast majority of the population dependent on the haulage and transportation industries in one form or another. With commercial vehicles being so pivotal to businesses, the environment and individuals alike, keeping your fleet on the road and performing at its optimum has never been so important. 

Within this exceptionally large area of commercial vehicles, EAEL is focused on being a robust supplier of commercial vehicle spare parts and fleet management support for the heavy-duty categories including; on-highway trucks and trailers, as well as large buses for public transportation. 

DAF, IVECO, MAN, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Scania and Volvo heavy-duty commercial vehicles are amongst some of many European vehicle brand manufacturers that we support most regularly through our work in the haulage, truck and bus industries. 

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How to Maximise Commercial Vehicle Efficiency?

Commercial vehicle owners face challenges at every turn and ensuring that your fleet is performing at its best throughout the projects tasked is the important difference between profit and loss. Our value proposition for commercial vehicle owners and fleet operators extends far beyond providing the spare parts and components for maintenance and repair instead our activities are always geared towards addressing the key concerns or metrics for commercial fleet operators and owners such as:

  • Fleet Reliability

  • Fleet Uptime

  • Fleet Downtime

  • Reducing Unplanned Maintenance

  • Improving Fleet Productivity and Availability

  • Reducing and Optimising Fleet Maintenance and Operating Costs etc.

Regardless of the conditions that the commercial vehicles may be required to operate in, our objective when working with an equipment owner is identifying ways of supporting our clients to improve equipment utilisation while simultaneously reducing the operating costs.

Which commercial vehicle spare part brands do we work with?

We work with a plethora of reputable manufacturers across the globe. Equally, we efficiently support you to keep your fleet of vehicles on the road and turning over revenue, and we do this through our global supply chain network. Some of the key brands that we work with include:

If you are looking for maintenance and repair support for your fleet of commercial vehicles you should get in touch with us and we will work with you to get your trucks and buses functioning at their best. EAEL is more than a spare parts partner we are always looking to add value.

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