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New Parts Supply

We are an independent B2B wholesale spare parts business based in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom. Our primary focus is on the procurement and exportation of new spare parts for trucks, trailers, buses and heavy equipment to the international markets. 


Used Parts Supply

Based on our practical experience we know at times it is neither economical nor practical to buy a brand new part, especially if it’s a major component. Therefore, in addition to the supply of a wide range of new parts, EAEL can also source a wide range of quality used parts at competitive prices. This includes engines, gearboxes, truck axles and many more. 

Used Trucks
With our drive to deliver value to our customers we are also able to source and export used European trucks as per customers’ requirements.


We can ship products to your destination by air or sea based on your requirements. We can also deliver your items to your own UK based freight forwarder.

Send us your enquiry

To quickly process your enquiry please provide the following:

  • Company Full Contact Details;

  • Machine Brand and Model;

  • Year of Manufacture;

  • Vehicle /Equipment SN or VIN;

  • Spare Part Brand preference(s) if necessary;

  • Spare Part Description and Qty;

  • OEM or part numbers

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