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Heavy Equipment Spare Parts

Heavy Equipments are vital to the vast majority of construction and earthwork projects across the globe. Heavy machinery is often one of the most significant cost centres within large-scale engineering, construction and earthwork projects; and the investment that you make in the purchasing expense of your heavy-duty equipment should be matched by your commitment to maintenance and storage of your equipment assets.

How to Maximise Heavy Equipment Efficiency?

Equipment owners face challenges at every turn and ensuring that your heavy equipment is performing at its best throughout the projects tasked, is the important difference between profit and loss. Our value proposition for heavy equipment owners and operators extends far beyond providing the spare parts and components for maintenance and repair, instead our activities are always geared towards addressing the key concerns or metrics for heavy equipment fleet operators and owners such as:

  • Fleet Reliability

  • Fleet Uptime

  • Fleet Downtime

  • Reducing Unplanned Maintenance

  • Improving Fleet Productivity and Availability

  • Reducing and Optimising Fleet Maintenance and Operating Costs etc.

Regardless of the harsh conditions that the equipment may be required to operate in, our objective when working with an equipment owner is identifying ways of supporting our clients to improve equipment utilisation while simultaneously reducing the operating costs.

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Common Types Of Heavy Equipment

European Auto-Parts Exporters Ltd (EAEL) have the supply chain network to support your maintenance and repair needs within your full heavy equipment asset list. While there are a significant number of heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles in the market, the common types that we encounter include;

  • Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT)

  • Mining Haul Trucks

  • Backhoe

  • Crawler Tractors/ Bulldozers

  • Excavators

  • Concrete Pumps

  • Harvester

  • Feller Bunchers

  • Graders

  • Loaders

  • Skid Steers

  • Wheeled and Track Loaders just to name a few.

EAEL is conscious of the fact that regardless of the heavy equipment types that you are using in your business, protecting your operating assets is imperative. Minimising asset depreciation is critical to maintaining and or restoring the profitability to a business from both a fleet ownership and operational perspective.

What Markets Use Heavy Equipment?

The seven core markets for heavy equipment and heavy machinery that we support from a maintenance and repair perspective are:


Some of the most expensive heavy-duty machinery on the market is purposed for mining and minerals extraction. Equipment such as mining excavators, heavy duty dump trucks, dozers, draglines, wheel loaders and motor graders are commonplace in the mining industry.

Fleet upkeep and maintenance is vital for worker safety and fleet efficiency.


The most diverse equipment sets are used in construction, with machinery required above, on and below ground. Commonly used equipment sets in construction are dump trucks, cranes and bulldozers, plus much more.

With tight schedules for construction projects, fleet uptime is very important.

Logging & Forestry

The main purpose of heavy equipment in forestry is to clear ground and harvest wood. Common equipment sets including feller bunchers, timber forwarders or special purpose harvesters etc.

Maintenance is key to ensuring that projects are completed on time, with fleets in the best condition possible.

Road Building

The road building heavy equipment assets are some of the hardest working over the markets. Machinery such as dump trucks, rollers, and crawlers are regularly seen on motorway and highway projects across the world. 

Fleet maintenance is vital to ensuring projects are completed on time.


The most commonly used equipment sets in farming and agriculture are tractors, off-road vehicles, harvesters, planters etc.

Uptime in high season is key in order to help farmers sow crops, harvest the land and drive that all important revenue. 

Rock & Quarry

Similarly to the mining and metals markets, heavy equipment in rock and quarry excavations is at the top-end, when it comes to asset expense.


Rigid dumps, wheel loaders and variant excavators are the primary equipment sets, which without maintenance and upkeep could cause danger to workers.

Waste & Recycling

The heavy-duty equipment used within recycling, salvage and waste needs to be resilient as often load on machinery such as conveyors, crushers, screeners and shredders is at its heaviest in difficult conditions where wear to areas such as the undercarriage and engagement tools are most susceptible to damage.

Which Heavy Equipment Brands Do We Work With?

The heavy-duty equipment industry is a multibillion-dollar industry featuring a number of illustrious heavy-duty equipment manufacturers spread across the globe. Some of the key equipment brands that we support through our broad spare parts supply chain network include:

  • Caterpillar

  • Komatsu

  • Liebherr

  • Volvo

  • Doosan

  • Hitachi

  • Hyundai

  • JCB

  • Case

  • Bobcat

  • Kubota

  • Detroit Diesel

  • Cummins

Just to name a few.

To support these heavy-duty equipments, we work with a large number of reputable original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and suppliers including: 

The above listing is just a small sample of the spare parts brands that we work with. We have a globally scoped network that can support you in the maintenance and repair of your equipment and machinery to best protect your assets and minimise asset depreciation during and after the earthworks project is completed.

What Heavy Equipment Spare Parts Can You Support With?

EAEL’s approach is to leverage our broad product and brand portfolio to bring together the right products, technologies and services to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

The heavy equipment spare parts that we can supply is vast, with thousands of SKU’s across dozens of highly reputable global manufacturers. Some of the spare parts requirements that we encounter most regularly include;

  • Ground Engagement Tool (GET)

    • Buck Teeth & Wear Parts

    • Bolt on Edges

    • Breaker Steels

    • Cutting Edge

  • Undercarriage Parts

    • Idlers

    • Rollers

    • Rubber Pads

    • Rubber Tracks

    • Sprockets

    • Track Adjusters

    • Track Chains

    • Track Shoes

    • Track Guards

    • Final & Track Drives

  • Hydraulic Pumps

  • Alternators & Starters

  • Turbochargers

  • A/C Compressors

While this list represents some of the commonplace spare parts that we deal with regularly, this is not an exhaustive list. The simplest way to understand how we can help you is to get in touch with us, advising us of your

  • Machine Brand and Model

  • Year of Manufacture

  • Machine Serial Number

  • Spare Parts that you require

  • Company Full Contact Details

and we will work with you to manage and remedy the issue you are experiencing with your heavy equipment. 

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